Best Sister in the World

June 30, 2011- S has always been a good big sister. From the moment she first laid eyes on him. Which was just a moment before I did, since she was there, watching him come out. Sure, he gets in her face, invades her privacy and the world does seem to revolve a bit more around him than her these days; and yet . . . she loves him. She really really does. And today she showed me how much. I have to get it all down and write about it now despite the late hour. I don’t want to forget a single detail.

I was flossing little e’s teeth when a bit of floss shredded and became stuck between his molars. Really. Really. Really. Stuck. I sat there on the bathroom floor while he lay on my outstretched legs, head on my lap, and tried ever so calmly, despite a rising inner panic, to extract the soggy floss. S wondered about the to-do and when I told her what happened, she looked down at little e and immediately sat down beside him, took his hand and told him it was going to be okay. If you feel scared, buddy, you can just squeeze my hand. And he did. All the while I worked away, big E and I taking turns with the tweezers, trying this, trying that, she sat and held his hand, stroked his cheek from time to time, looked him in the eye, told him to relax. Told him it was all going to be fine. How did I end up with such a great kid?

© Kiki Yee, 2011


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