little e is 4 today!

July 5, 2011 – Why does it feel like such a milestone for me? He’s not starting kindergarten, he’s still in single digits . . . I think it’s because “3” is still a toddler. And toddlers are just big babies, right? But now he’s 4. He’s 4!

It seems (sometimes) like just yesterday that he burst onto the scene of hot, late afternoon in July. But honestly, part of me can barely remember his baby-ness, so obsessed was I with making sure there was always clean laundry. What do I remember about the day he was born? That we scored a beautiful room with a skylight–I love natural light! Who cares that the room didn’t have a tub! I remember the way he turned his head and looked right in S’ direction the first time she spoke. How we all spontaneously sang O Come All Ye Faithful because S’ favourite bedtime book at the time was ‘Tis the Season: A Classic Illustrated Christmas Treasury and we always sang O Come All Ye Faithful  at bedtime. I remember how S didn’t like the name we’d chosen for him until she saw him and declared “I like that name now” and how she kept calling him by his first and middle name. I remember her turning to me and saying “What’s his name again?”  I remember that we had to stay at the hospital until close to 10pm because his temperature was a bit on the high side. A few hours had passed before the midwife realized they should just take him off of me!

And now here we are, 4 years later. What’s next?

© Kiki Yee, 2011


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