Little Drummer Girl

June 6, 2011 – Last year, S started saying that she wanted to learn how to play the drums. She even wrote it in on her “5 things about me” school project last fall. E’s cousin is a musician. In fact, we both knew very well that he taught drumming and even mused to S that perhaps we could see if he might consider taking her on. Of course, like all busy parents (or is it just us?) we didn’t do anything about it for a good many months. But the extended family had occasion to gather last December and at last I had not only an opportunity, but no excuse!  I asked him about his music and he lit up since he’d just started showcasing a song a week on youtube ( He added that he’d just started teaching drumming again. Timing is everything, ain’t it? The rest, one day, shall be history.

S started her lessons in January. Frankly, I was a bit nervous, a bit unsure. I was worried that it would be one of those things that she’d try, she might not take to naturally and decide it was too hard and quit. Sometimes I forget that she is only half me. Imagine my surprise when I saw/heard her behind a kit for the first time. She could do it! She could really do it! She could make one hand do something the other was not, use her right foot every fourth beat, her left foot every second. Or something like that. I am so proud. Not even 9 and she has surpassed me in terms of coordination. I picked a good gene pool when I hooked up with E.

© Kiki Yee, 2011


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