Summer nights

July 31, 2011 – Now that little e is 4, it seems just that much easier to be spontaneous. Sort of.  E has been working on the house all day so he suggests we do something fun for dinner, like take the kids to a beach or park for a picnic. We decide on Jericho, pack up some food, soccer ball, frisbee and sand toys and head out into the early evening. It’s so nice to be outside together and just hanging out, not trying to weed or work but to just play frisbee or kick the soccer ball; or both together at the same time! After we’ve eaten and played, S decides she wants to go to the water. We pack up the remains of the picnic and stash it in the car. S grabs the sand toys and we head to the water. It’s close to 9. E asks Why are we bringing all of this stuff with us? He knows full well that it’s getting late and we should be thinking about getting the kids home, that they will soon be tired and cranky. But it’s a summer night. How often do they get to dig in the sand as the sun goes down?  I think, but don’t say out loud (wouldn’t want to jinx the moment) how nice it is that we can do this kind of thing now that little e is older. It backfires anyway. E is right. They both have meltdowns when we get home.

© Kiki Yee, 2011


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