Trimming the tree

December 28, 2011 – Everything seemed to happen later this year. Case in point, this post about trimming the tree is going up after Christmas.

We waited until the week before Christmas to get our tree. We were going to do it on Saturday, the 17th but we took the kids tobogganing instead. After all, it was the last day we’d have a chance to take L up to the mountains before he had to go home to Heidelberg. So we bumped it to Sunday morning which, by the time we were ready, turned into Sunday afternoon. Not to worry, we still got the tree, just didn’t have time to decorate it before heading out for the first family gathering of the season. Monday night, L’s last night with us, we finally  decorated the tree. That wasn’t without its minor hitches either. The blinky candle-like lights which E and I have had since our first Christmas as a married couple had essentially given up the ghost with 3 of the  12 bulbs not just burnt out but broken off. The other strand of mini lights were just as dead. What about the LED lights I bought last year? Oh right, they are currently serving as nightlights in the stairwell. Well, we still had a strand of multi-coloured LEDs but they were the big bulbs. It was not a night to head out to shop for lights so we made do with what we had and the tree got decorated at last. The keen observer will have noticed already that we ended up changing the lights!

© Kiki Yee, 2011


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