Winter magic

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January 15, 2012 – It finally snowed! Not that much, but enough. You see, I was (not so) secretly hoping for another blast of winter before starting the sometimes too long wait for spring. If only we’d gotten the big dump of snow they were predicting! Oh well, at least we got out to the slopes at QE Park to take a few runs down the tobogganing hills. There was just enough snow for that. But the best part of the snowfall was at dusk when the kids strapped on headlamps so they could play hockey and soccer in the dark. That’s winter magic!

Now head on over to olivebits to see how winter worked some magic on my best pal and her family.

© Kiki Yee, 2012


2 thoughts on “Winter magic

  1. Headlamp hockey – a great idea! We had a plan to set up a mini-rink in our backyard…but if you can imagine, the weather’s been too warm! Next year, we’ll make it happen and we’ll don our headlamps in a salute to our favourite Vancouver family! May the winter gods continue to sprinkle magic in your corner of the world 🙂

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