January 31 2012 – Somewhat impulsively on New Year’s Eve I decided to embark on a Project 365+1. All because of an app and photojojo‘s instagram feed. Alas, I had to change apps mid-month when I discovered to my horror that the app I was using did NOT have a February 29!!! In retrospect, I should have known since the app was not called “365+1” Luckily, I found another free app, PicCal Lite, and it does the job fabulously. Since I have a day job, two kids (with 4 extracurricular activities between them), a husband, a house and a little startup company I do a little bookkeeping for, I kept the rules simple. A photo that encapsulates my day, that provides total recall of a particular event. For the same aforementioned reasons, cross-posting is allowed. Which means you may have seen a pic or two show up previously in this blog or on From Peaks to Prairies, the collaborative blog between me and Olivebits. Let’s see how I did on that encapsulation bit:

1 – the first moments of New Year’s Day, fireworks outside my door
2 – little e went to a birthday party; he’s making the card
3 – back in the office after two weeks away
4 – nothing happened that day; I took a picture of E’s guitar around 11:30pm
5 – the sun came out!
6 – new glasses for S
7 – Wii sports resorts tournament with the kids
8 – S had a friend over for a playdate; lunch leftovers
9 – bought a new ring
10 – was going to go to Lonsdale during my lunch break; changed my mind and went back to work
11 – actually went to Lonsdale during my lunch break
12 – distracted by the sun shining in my office window
13 – the kids watched Wall-E (again)
14 – went to Langley for family dinner
15 – S saw my name etched in the sidewalk on Ontario Street on the way to QE Park
16 – snow!
17 – snowy commute
18 – still snowing but not the 10cm they were predicting
19 – snowy leaves on a Yaletown sidewalk (lunchtime jaunt to Choices)
20 – trees outside the VAG (lunchtime jaunt to the space formerly known as HMV)
21 – en route to Surrey to cook Chinese New Year dinner
22 – most savoury book club brunch. ever.
23 – dropped a stainless steel mug on my head
24 – grey rainy day and realized that when the boss is away, I can take pictures from his window!
25 – accounting night. ugh.
26 – morning sun!!! shooting without looking
27 – E made enchiladas for dinner
28 – sisters’ sleepover, M has left me the house rules
29 – playing Lego Star Wars with little e (storming the Citadel!)
30 – taking stock
31 – rainy bus ride home

So there you have it. Only 335 to go!

© Kiki Yee, 2012


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