Project 365+1: 60 days down, 306 to go!

February 29, 2012 – 60 days in and I am still at it. A picture a day posted on instagram. What has changed since January 31st? Well, I toyed with the idea of a theme. I was getting some nice motion blur and thought maybe I should concentrate on that. Inevitably, you run into a day where motion photography just ain’t happening. Or you post a photo that perhaps captures the motion but is not a particularly successful image. But I did move beyond the basic idea of an image that encapsulates the day. Sure, some of them still do that because a particular event is what would move me to grab the camera (phone) and take a picture. But some days, I had to go out and create opportunities and you know, I’ve never really done that before. Never gone specifically out on a photo walk with the intention of creating an image. That’s now the minimum standard for the next 31 days. You heard it here first.

By the way, you can take a peek at all of my instagrams without an instagram account by pointing your browser to or by clicking on the instagram image below. Please be patient–sometimes it takes a moment for the site to load the profile.

© Kiki Yee, 2012


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