Project 365+1 — another 31 days

March 31, 2011 – Another 31 days of a photo a day. 275 days to go.

This month was challenging. I had decided that this month, I would go out on photo walks, that I would seek out images. I realized how easy it is to snap gleefully away when you are confronted with something so beautiful that you can’t help but stop and take a picture. I found myself jealous of people who live in stunning locales. Seriously, how could you ever run out of things to photograph in Paris? But what if you don’t think of your home city as being quite so exotic? What if you are a creature of habit and you take the same route everyday, you wander the same streets day in and day out? Yes, I sometimes stopped myself from taking a picture because I thought “I’ve taken this picture before.” But then I’d think of Cézanne and how many times he painted Mount Ste. Victoire.

I also found myself thinking of my first year painting instructor’s words “When in doubt, paint a nun.” Huh? you ask. Well, when he was a student and was given a painting assignment that required him to paint a person and it was troubling him, he would paint a nun. It fulfills the requirement of human presence yet is easy to paint–the simple black form, facial features obscured, hands tucked in. Easy. And so transferable:  “When in doubt, look up.” Yes, the sky is a versatile subject. And I have become a cloud pornographer.

© Kiki Yee, 2012


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