Just like me

April 7, 2012 – I have to admit, I did a small double take when I saw the photo of little e, above. I mean, I knew it was him but I had to look again for just a second. You see, I was taking pictures of the two of us on the iPhone using the front camera. He was blocking shots with his hand. So there was a tiny possibility it was actually a picture of me. To prove I wasn’t seeing things, I looked for (did not pose for) a picture of myself. I found this one, my annual birthday self-portrait from 2011. See how similar? The eye, the nose . . . but the clincher is the way his lips are set, making him look, in this moment anyway, just like me.

© Kiki Yee, 2012


2 thoughts on “Just like me

  1. whoa…that is so cool how much you two look alike! your mini me! i feel the same way when i see liam’s baby photos and mine. you two are both beautiful and there is no doubt he is your son. something so comforting about the resemblance, eh?

    • You flatter me 😉 When S was born she looked just like her papa. So when I saw that little e had my chin dimple, I couldn’t help but point out “he got that from me!” This is the first time that I really thought he looked like me. I usually just see parts: E’s eyebrows, my chin dimple, Opa’s eyecolour . . .

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