Project 365+1 – one third of the way there

April 30, 2012 – 121 pictures posted in this project. Some days it’s easy and I know the instant I’ve seen the shot that my work is done for the day. Other days, I’ve taken lots of pictures, captured a lot of images that I like; the hard part is deciding which picture is going to be the picture of the day. And then there are the days that almost slip away before I’ve even touched the camera. Those are the days I wonder why I plunged back into image-making with a project 365+1 and not a project 52. One image a week; now that would have been manageable!

This month, when I had more time, I decided to play with the images a bit more and not be afraid to do more post processing, to feel like I’m making art again not just documenting a moment in life. I’m wading in, deeper every month. And it feels good.

Please click on over to my instagram feed to check out these and other images.

© Kiki Yee, 2012


2 thoughts on “Project 365+1 – one third of the way there

  1. Wow Kiki, your work keeps getting better and better. You really have a knack for capturing a moment in time and evoking emotion in your shots.

    • Thanks, Lisa! That means this exercise is paying off! I kind of feel like “I’m back” after a long hiatus and I’m loving this creativity. Now if only I could find a way to do this full time and give up the day job!

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