The kindest cut

May 4, 2012 – S’s hair was driving her crazy. Not to mention me. It’s almost always been long, a chin length bob at its shortest. But with soccer and swimming three times a week (each!) coupled with not liking to comb it, it was becoming a real pain. Literally, for her. She was caught in a vicious cycle—not combing it because combing hurt which only created more tangles which made it more difficult and painful to comb!

She was trying to grow it out so that she could donate it. The instructions are quite clear:  the hair is to be gathered into a ponytail and must measure 8″ from above the elastic. She had a way to go yet so we decided it should at least be trimmed, evened and tidied. Off we went to see Sara at the Beehive. We explained the ultimate goal and to our surprise, she said she thought she was already there. You see, it didn’t have to put it into one ponytail, she could put it in several around her head. She measured and sure enough, her hair was long enough. S was so excited to get it all chopped off. It suits her, don’t you think?

© Kiki Yee, 2012


One thought on “The kindest cut

  1. Awww, sweetness! The haircut makes her look so much younger. What a wonderful thing to donate (you always had the thickest, most luxurious hair Sassy) and the personal benefit, bonus! Can’t wait to show Bryn 🙂 xo

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