Project 365+1: halfway there

October 3, 2014 – Wow. Where does time go? I actually did complete my project 365+1 in 2012. Even had a show in October 2012 featuring images from it! But look what I found today. An unfinished blog post. Way back in the thick of if, I would compile all the images for the month onto a grid and post it. Well, looks like time got away from me in June. The original two sentences I wrote for this post indicate that I was late posting May’s photos so I would post them together with June. Looks like I never got around to compiling that June grid! But I’m back and I aim to start posting regularly now. Or semi-regularly. Still having a problem with this “time” thing. But if you want to see all the photos from the 365+1 project, just click here.

© Kiki Yee 2014


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